Online Courses with Joanna Powell Colbert

Welcome to the home of Joanna Powell Colbert’s online courses.

Current courses include:

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“Joanna has an amazing balance of grounded practicality with sincere and inspiring spirituality that she so obviously truly applies to her daily journey.” – Theresa Eagleheart, North Carolina

She lives what she teaches and really is an expert at finding proper resources to support her class and teachings.” – Trish C., California

“Joanna is so warm, open, supportive, and fun!” – LT, Florida

I loved every minute of the course. . . Joanna is a kind, gentle, patient and down to earth person, with much to offer, and her organization and planning for this course showed in everything she did.” – SD, Pennsylvania

“[The course] was inspiring. It was uplifting and encouraging, but also practical and down-to-earth. Joanna works hard, she teaches with wisdom, clarity, and a true connection to spirit rather than a cult of personality and hype.” – SC, Washington DC

“Thank you once again, Joanna, for sharing your personal journey in a way that helps those of us searching for a meaningful way to mark the new year. I love the way you have laid out the exercises in a very welcoming way. You always deliver a quality product and you are an inspiration to those of us seeking to find the most successful way to manifest the work of our heart!” – Cari Ferraro, calligrapher and book artist

Thank you for using your gifts to encourage others to manifest their gifts! The circle of blessings invites us all!”  – Lunaea Weatherstone, priestess, writer, artist, tarot counselor


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